Jane Hicks


After Jane’s children were grown, she turned to yoga for exercise and found so much more. After experiencing such positive benefits from her practice, she decided to attend teacher training so she could help others find answers to the physical and emotional struggles most people are dealing with. Jane completed the 250hr Evolation Yoga, Flow Training in Tampa, Florida. She is also certified as a kids yoga instructor through Kidding Around Yoga. She taught elementary school for almost twenty years, so fusing her love for children and yoga was a perfect fit.

Teaching Style

Jane has been called an “empath” throughout her life, and she brings this innate ability to feel what others are experiencing to enhance their time on the mat during her classes. Using a gentle and sometimes quirky approach, Jane emphasizes breath, honoring your body, and joy as you move through the asanas. Music infiltrates the atmosphere to transport and bring healing during your practice. Always ending class with a word of encouragement and affirmation, her students know they are loved and have great value.

How Yoga Serves Jane

Yoga has given her the priceless gift of connecting with her breath and tools to finding balance in the hectic pace of this world.

Words of Wisdom for Students

You are ready for yoga. Start right where you are and watch the miracle begin.

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