Geeta Batra

Born and brought up in India, Geeta came to the U.S in 2005 for a more rewarding career in the information technology sector. After becoming a mom, she decided to take a hiatus to be with her son.
Yoga found her in 2014. She became completely devoted to a daily practice of yoga asana and meditation; which would not have been possible without the inspiration and guidance of her teachers. She is thankful beyond words, she cannot pay back but would like pay it forward by sharing this beautiful science of Yoga. In February, 2016, she decided to sign up for teacher training at Guruv Yoga with Tymi Howard and Steve Ross.

Teaching Style
Geeta’s practice concentrates on the breath , mindful movement with breath and through breath going within and enjoying the moment.

How Yoga serves Geeta
Yoga continues to teach her to just be with life as it happens.

Words of wisdom
Do what you must, do the best you can but be unattached to the fruits of your actions. ~Bhagavad Gita