Anna Woods


Looking to find peace and comfort with the turmoil of life’s drama and events Anna found yoga and started a dedicated practice with Bikram yoga for several years. Seeing how this helped bring peace, acceptance,and a healthier lifestyle she wanted to share it with the world to help others who are looking for whatever it is they need. Wanting to explore and see what else was out there she began a journey to see what she could learn and find about all styles of yoga. Anna is a 200 hour certified Yoga teacher with an additional 10 hr Yoga Nidra certification Completing her Trainings at Red Sun Yoga with the influences of Integral,Amrit and Ashtanga. Anna has taken classes and workshops various teachers including Sean Corn, Pradeep Teotia, Cyndi Lee, Rodney Yee, and Colleen Saidman.

Teaching Style

Anna’s teaching style has a variety of influences and lineages that are incorporated-keeping everything light hearted, energetic, and focusing on the student of all levels while offering a little challenge for those who want it.

How yoga serves Anna
Grateful for everything Yoga has been a true gift for healing and finding peace. while staying with her practice and meditation Yoga allows Anna to move, breath, and let go. Yoga fulfills Anna and keeps her connected, and grounded in dealing with whatever life may give.

Words of Wisdom for Students

Just breathe- honor where you are in this very moment and be kind to yourself.